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Forgiving Yourself for Not-Done To-Do’s

“Congratulations,” a colleague told me yesterday. “For what?” He smiled and pointed at the cloudless blue sky through the window behind him. “For surviving the winter.” His statement implied two things: that it was no longer winter, and that I had survived. I do not consider myself a person of weak constitution, but I have […]

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Remembering the Day We’ll Never Forget

I found myself in the middle of chaos on September 11th, 2001, covering an impromptu evacuation of the U.S. Capitol as a Washington, D.C., based reporter. That emotional trauma came as I was struggling with an adjustment to life as a divorced father of two children. When the 10th anniversary of 9/11 came in 2011 […]

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MFA Nugget: The Secret to Including Drama in Your Creative Writing

MONTPELIER, VERMONT: If you think this post on enhancing dramatic moments in your creative writing is going to feature craft tips, think again. Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing¬†instructor Lawrence Sutin has some amateur psychology and insightful philosophy to guide you; that is, he did in his lecture here at my final residency, […]

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What is Your Creativity Type? (From the Newly Published “Creative You”)

No creative wants to be put in a box. So I suspect some would resist if I were to tell them that they have a distinct personality type, and that those that share their personality type have certain approaches to the creative process; excel under certain conditions; and encounter certain roadblocks not faced by creative […]

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MFA Nugget: Finding Your Creative Writing Voice(s)

MONTPELIER, VT: “In a creative writing project, voice is everything.” So said Sue William Silverman at a lecture here at the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing summer residency. Sue, an accomplished memoirist and longtime VCFA instructor, was joined in the lecture–titled “Containing Multitudes: Shifting Voices in Fiction and Creative Nonfiction”–by fellow VCFA […]

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101 Sources of Writing Inspiration (And Win a Free Book!)

We all need a pick-me-up now and then, especially when pursuing our creative passion. The creative process is often a solitary one, in particular creative writing. Sometimes when I need a touch of inspiration I’ll visit a blog by a writer who inspires me. I now have the ability to visit with 101 different writers […]

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Guest Post: Fine Arts, Creativity & the Aging Brain Positively Linked

Here at The Artist’s Road we promote creative thinking and doing at any age. Dr. Francine Toder has written a book based both on scientific research and individual case studies that not only supports the notion that a “vintage” brain can take up a new artistic passion, but that there are many benefits to doing […]

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A Pearl of Wisdom for Fiction Writers

Allow me to share with you a nugget for my readers who are fiction writers. This is from an essay on the great Victorian novelist George Eliot by Joseph Epstein, from his recently published essay collection Essays in Biography: One of the modern fiction workshop laws is that a writer should always show and never […]

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Five Keys to Living an Art-Committed Life

His story is simultaneously inspiring and horrifying. After ten years in the rat-race of London, James Rhodes returned to his true passion, the piano. He dedicated himself to achieving the mastery he had dreamed of as a youth. And now, after years of dedication and hard work, James is a concert pianist. In his essay […]

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Own Your Identity as an Artist

I savor the comments readers leave on this blog. But often they are apologetic in tone, along the lines of “I’m not really a writer,” or “I aspire to be a writer.” In the technical sense of the word “writer,” at least as I see it, these statements are a lie. They “wrote” a comment, […]

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