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The Fundamentals of Middle-School Blogging

On what topics would an eighth grader blog? Anything and everything, I’ve learned. During an all-day creative writing workshop I conducted with about forty students at Henrico County Public Schools‘ Elko Middle School, I read student writings on everything from football to indie music, from wrestling to baking. I also read a powerful “open letter” […]

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Envy, Narcissism, Depression and Creativity

Two weeks ago Facebook celebrated 10 years of making us depressed and envious by creating for each user a personalized video not unlike what you see in an Oscars “in memoriam” telecast. It was a wise move by Facebook’s corporate brass to create a video starring ourselves, because academic studies show Facebook encourages narcissism; feeding the […]

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What To Expect from the Artist’s Road in 2014

Perhaps a 2014 resolution for me should be to gain readers in Africa and South America. I say that because among the dozens of responses to my survey requesting feedback on what to write about in 2014 were readers from the other four occupied continents. I also suppose the time of day I make posts […]

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What Do You Want to See on The Artist’s Road?

Happy holidays, readers! I’m now about two months into my fourth year with The Artist’s Road–it’s true, I launched in October of 2010–and I must say the third was pretty fun. I was blessed to have two posts featured on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed in 2013, and I brought to a conclusion my MFA Nugget series. Now […]

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Two Steps to Being the Top Google Search Result

A headline like that is sure to draw traffic, right? I do actually list two steps to being the top Google search result below, but will then emphasize how what a blogger really wants is not a high click-through rate for a single post but a vibrant community of readers who keep coming back. But you […]

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Building a (Supportive) Community Online

News alert: Online comment fields can get a little scary. There’s nothing new there–I can remember in 1991 getting called a Nazi on a Usenet chat board about the “X-Files” (kids, ask Siri what Usenet is, and “X-Files” while you’re at it) because someone didn’t like my theory of The Smoking Man‘s motivation. But as […]

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How I Came to Embrace Goodreads

I can barely keep up with Twitter and Facebook, so when I accepted a friend’s invitation to join Goodreads–a social media network dedicated to books–I did so with reluctance. For months I allowed my account to remain idle. Then I searched Audible for a good audiobook to download for the long drive to Montpelier, Vermont, […]

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Where Do You Fall on the Blogging Spectrum?

It’s a question to which any blogger should have a short and simple answer: At what point on the blogging spectrum is your blog? The problem is that only people who have taken my blogging class are familiar with this map of web content that I created a couple of years ago. Now I’m sharing […]

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Becoming a Standout Blogger in Six Weeks

UPDATE JUNE 7, 2013: There are now a few slots available. We’ve decided to break the class into two separate workshops, so if you were unable to enroll before, you may have more success now! You can enroll here. UPDATE JUNE 6, 2013: I just checked the page for my class and saw it is […]

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Being Creative While Avoiding Outsider Status

When someone asks you, “What do you do?” what is your answer? If you’re like most of us, context matters. You might say one thing at a professional networking reception and quite another at a neighborhood block party. But how often do you answer, “I create art?” Part of living an art-committed life is fully […]

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