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What To Expect from the Artist’s Road in 2014

Perhaps a 2014 resolution for me should be to gain readers in Africa and South America. I say that because among the dozens of responses to my survey requesting feedback on what to write about in 2014 were readers from the other four occupied continents. I also suppose the time of day I make posts […]

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Living a Creative Double Life

I am in an intimate relationship with two different muses. I never allow them to meet. What do I mean by that? I’m referring to the two worlds in which I apply creative thinking as well as my writing experience and training. Readers of The Artist’s Road know me as the recent MFA graduate who […]

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Creativity and the Aging Brain

“Don’t imagine you’ll have it forever. Use it while you’ve got it because it’ll go; it’s sliding away like water down a plug hole.” So said Nobel Prize-winning novelist Doris Lessing of creativity. The author of The Golden Notebook, who passed away recently at the age of 94, said this five years ago when describing […]

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Why the Arts Matter in STEM Education

My tour of a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) grade school in Akron, Ohio, serves as my launching point for a look at arts education–and the effort to add an A for arts to make STEAM–in a guest post I wrote for Artist Think. This thought-provoking blog is produced by visual artist, writer, and […]

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The Elusive Nexus of Creativity and Mental Illness

She insisted she killed people with her mind. She was a creator and destroyer of worlds. She also found new ways to comprehend the wisdom of Aristotle and earned four prestigious academic degrees across varying disciplines with top grades and high achievements. She struggled with a diagnosis of schizophrenia yet created a life for herself, […]

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A Creativity Lesson from Albert Einstein

Think with your entire brain and you’ll be as creative as Albert Einstein. That is perhaps an oversimplification of the latest scientific research on the brain of one of the greatest minds of the Twentieth Century. But as The Washington Post reported on Sunday, the developer of the theory of relativity did in fact physically […]

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The Role of Structure in Creative Free Thinking

Creativity can closely resemble chaos, as it did for me last week when I watched thirty 5th-graders whirling around a classroom with cardboard, duct tape, motors, gears, string and safety scissors. I was witnessing problem solving in action, solutions borne of a broad liberty in thought framed by a specific challenge needing to be addressed. […]

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Mapping the Narrative Lines of Your Story

I’ll confess that this post is driven as much by defensiveness as it is a desire to educate. My recent review of the book Creative You and my interview with co-author David B. Goldstein has reminded me of something I’ve long known from interviews with artists; every creative has his or her own process. That […]

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Discussing Creativity with Creative You Co-Author David B. Goldstein

The new book on creativity and Myers-Briggs personality typing, Creative You: Using Your Personality Type to Thrive, has been out a little over a week, and I’ve already heard from some creatives who have found it of great value. I posted a review and summary of the book on its publication debut last week. Today […]

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What is Your Creativity Type? (From the Newly Published “Creative You”)

No creative wants to be put in a box. So I suspect some would resist if I were to tell them that they have a distinct personality type, and that those that share their personality type have certain approaches to the creative process; excel under certain conditions; and encounter certain roadblocks not faced by creative […]

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