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Road to Publication: Killing Your Babies Part One

“Your reader will never miss what she doesn’t know was once there.” I frequently told this to reporters in my news-editing career when I would trim their stories for length. Often what I was cutting was their favorite part–their baby, if you will–but it didn’t sufficiently inform the reader on the main point of the […]

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Road to Publication: Fun with Video

With a thousand things to do before Committed: A Memoir of the Artist’s Road publishes this fall, I’ve found it difficult to return my focus to this blog. There’s the heavy-duty editing I’m doing to the manuscript, a final pass-through by me before the publisher takes a shot at it. And there’s crafting my promotional […]

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When the End of the Road is Just the Beginning

I just now, moments ago, finished the first draft of the last chapter of my book-length memoir. I am alone in my basement, full of joy and excitement and wonder, but I am not alone, because I know that the readers of this blog are with me. I still have a ways to go on […]

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Traveling the Artist’s Road

What a delight! Liz Massey of Creative Liberty has interviewed me in a podcast, where she asks me about my return to an art-committed life, inspired by my cross-country U.S. road trip. Liz has a great web site, full of valuable resources on creativity, and it was great fun being interviewed by her. I wish […]

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Creatives in Love

What draws one person to another? Is it true opposites attract, or do we look for a little bit of ourselves in our partners? Any attempt to quantify what connects two hypothetical hearts is beyond me. But I couldn’t help but observe on my cross-country U.S. road trip interviewing creatives that of those who had […]

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Fear of Rejection

Every writer wrestles with the fear of rejection, their finely crafted words dismissed by agents, editors, publishers, readers, neighbors, spouses, children… well, I’ll stop there. But in a guest post I’ve written for Milli Thornton on the Fear of Writing blog, I discuss another case of fear of rejection, one I faced when embarking on […]

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Guest Post: Do the Work, Dispel the Myth of Creative Inspiration

Today we’re featuring a guest post from accomplished visual artist Amy Buchheit. Amy was one of the creatives I interviewed on my cross-country U.S. road trip last year; a profile of her and a short video was posted recently to this blog. Enjoy her post below: When Patrick asked me to write a guest blog, […]

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The Road to Creativity

“I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me.” Perhaps that will be your reaction after reading my guest post, “The Road to Creativity,” currently appearing on the magnificent blog by the @Wordstrumpet herself, the incomparable Charlotte Rains Dixon. I provide a bit more insight than I have on this blog into my cross-country […]

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Advancing Storytelling to a Fine Art

“A lot of people say, ‘Anyone can tell a story’… Well, I agree with that, that anyone can tell a story, just in the way anyone can provide first aid… but with more training and experience you’re better at what you do.” The craft of oral storytelling has evolved and grown over the centuries, Kevin […]

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Allowing Time for Creativity

TAKEAWAY: Sometimes our creative muse needs a respite from distraction, and we have to give her that room. “Of course I’m not creating anything. I don’t have time to do it, I have all these tiny little obligations.” You know how it feels when the creative tide is in, and your muse is pounding on […]

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