Writing Samples

Most of my published writing has been in journalism and public policy; some of those clips can be found on my professional web site. A recent publication was “Ballston Stall,” in the November/December 2012 issue of Arlington Magazine. Below are some of my literary publications and guest posts I’ve written for other blogs.



5 Responses to “Writing Samples”

  1. I loved your essay ‘Oxygen’ – am so glad I stumbled upon you by accident. I have just decided to recommit to my love of words and writing, after a very long period of silence and being all things to all people. So your blog is an inspiration and kick up the …

    • Thank you, MarinaSofia! I’m glad it connected with you. Kudos on your recommitment; I find it’s easier when I proclaim it to the world, as you are doing as well.

      • Indeed, MarinaSofia, I love “Oxygen,” also. You’ll also want to check out his other gem, “The Clear Monkey.” That was the first essay I read by Patrick and was struck by the sensitivity in how he sees.

        And you’d be hard-pressed to find a truer inspiration for living a life committed to your passion; all the best to you MS.

        And so happy to have you as an influence in my life, Patrick; thank you!


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    [...] but in the last year he has turned his attention to  creative nonfiction. He has had several personal essays published, and is writing a travel memoir about his cross-country U.S. road trip in which he interviewed [...]

  2. What is Your Ten-Year Plan? | The Artist's Road - January 8, 2014

    […] Writing Samples […]

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