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Supporting Art AND Innovation as One

TAKEAWAY: Art and innovation are not separate but rather symbiotic, and  originality in both must be fostered by society. Innovation as a pursuit of improved utility has advanced culture since prehistory. But that innovation rarely is completely separated from artistic expression. Are you a tech lover who develops a jones for every new Apple product? […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week – 11/5/10

Below are some inspiring articles and blog posts on creativity I promoted this week on Twitter @on_creativity: “Good Creative Intentions Start Here,” Orna Ross: Suggests using three “dimensions” of the mind when developing creative intentions. “Why Do Writers Do It?” Jody Hedlund: Insights on what drives writers to work long hours and make significant sacrifices […]

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Creating Opportunities and Seizing Them

TAKEAWAY: Creative success comes both from creating opportunities and capitalizing on those opportunities. “I had talent. Just displaced talent.” That is what songwriter/musician Robert “Snughie” Stocks told me about his childhood in a particularly rough neighborhood in southeast Washington, D.C. It was the 1980s, when drug crime and murder was at an all-time high in […]

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Living an Art-Committed Life

TAKEAWAY: Living an art-committed life requires years of devotion and study, but creatives have found ways to juggle that life other professional and personal responsibilities. Do you consider yourself an artist? Then ask yourself this: Are you living an art-committed life? In Creativity for Life, famed creativity coach Eric Maisel describes three ways one can […]

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