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Blogging is Such Sweet Sorrow

Tomorrow night I’m having dinner with a local author to provide her a little insight on the world of blogging and social media. Her latest memoir is coming out this summer and her publisher wants her to have a “social media platform.” She’s never blogged, never made a friend on Facebook, never read a tweet. […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week 02/25/11

The winds of change are sweeping through the Middle East. That wind dissipates on the shore of The Artist’s Road, however. Our Friday tradition of providing a roundup of our best weekly tweets on creativity, inspiration and writing long predates the reigns of here-today/gone-tomorrow despots named Mubarak or Gadhafi (or Gaddafi or Khadafi or Qaddafi […]

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Write There: Style is Not a Mystery

Today we’re featuring a guest post from Milli Thornton, writing coach and author of “Fear of Writing: for writers & closet writers” (a copy of which is on my bookshelf ). There are oodles of books and courses out there designed to help writers with style and voice. But sometimes trying to learn these things […]

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Creatives With Multiple Talents

Comedian Patton Oswalt is skilled. Through years of effort he has risen to the heights of his profession, playing roles in numerous films, having his own TV specials, selling out theaters. But his childhood dream was not comedy — he wanted to be a novelist, and even attempted to write two post-apocalyptic novels as a […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 02/18/11

Better late than never, right? So here’s my Valentine’s Day gift to you, my latest round-up of great links on creativity, inspiration, art, and writing — the Creativity Tweets of the Week! (I’m sorry, the flower store was done sold out, holiday rush, you know.) Below enjoy 18 great resources, some of the links I […]

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Scott Turow and the Theft of Creativity

“If the piracy of intellectual property is allowed to continue to grow… we will not hear new voices, authors in mid-career will be stalled, and our cultural conversation will become stifled.” So said bestselling author Scott Turow in testimony this morning before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. (His written testimony is here.) I went to […]

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An Artist With Spunk

“You’ve got spunk,” Lou Grant told Mary Richards upon first meeting her. “I hate spunk.” Unlike the fictional TV news boss from The Mary Tyler Moore show, I love spunk. And comic book illustrator and writer Colleen Doran — author of the graphic novel series “A Distant Soil” and illustrator for The Sandman, Spider-Man and […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 02/11/11

Wake up the kids and bring in the dog (you can let the cat keep sleeping, because she’ll ignore you regardless)! It’s time for yet another Creativity Tweets of the Week! Below are 11 useful links on creativity and writing that I sent to out into the Twittersphere this week. CREATIVITY “Taking Breaks Found to […]

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Guest Post: Do the Work, Dispel the Myth of Creative Inspiration

Today we’re featuring a guest post from accomplished visual artist Amy Buchheit. Amy was one of the creatives I interviewed on my cross-country U.S. road trip last year; a profile of her and a short video was posted recently to this blog. Enjoy her post below: When Patrick asked me to write a guest blog, […]

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7 Steps to Writing Success

I was one of thousands of writers who descended on Washington, D.C., last week to soak up the wisdom of skilled – and successful – creative writers at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) 2011 Conference and Bookfair. I attended about a dozen sessions and had many phenomenal conversations with many compelling creatives. […]

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