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When Did You Know You Were an Artist?

I asked this question of just about every creative I interviewed on my cross-country U.S. road trip. Now, in the first film I’ve produced since that road trip ended, I feature highlights from a few of those interviews. Hear from writers, musicians, and visual artists sharing when they first knew that they were on the […]

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On Sublime Writing and Dead Turtles

Allow me to share with you a brilliant piece of writing I encountered this week from a most unexpected source. I have no theme to build around this post. I couldn’t even divine one after I asked my subconscious to come up with one in my sleep. Perhaps a lesson on knowing your audience? How […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 5/27/11

I’m shaking things up this week with The Artist’s Road’s collection of the best links on creativity and writing I sent on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve come to realize I tweet the same topics I write about. Shocking, I know. So this week I’m including after each link a separate link to a blog post […]

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5 Steps to Subconscious-Driven Creativity

I’ll let you in on a secret — I have a ghostwriter. In fact, for many of these blog posts, all I do is sit at the keyboard, type what the ghostwriter has written, and then slip in a reference to bacon. That ghostwriter is my subconscious. Don’t think of him as unpaid labor; he […]

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Literary Agent = Book Contract?

Literary agents only get paid when a publisher writes a check. So that suggests if an agent signs with you, she must believe she can sell your manuscript. Believing isn’t always enough. In perusing Alexis Grant’s latest Writer’s Round-Up I came across a blog post from literary agent Rachelle Gardner titled “Difficult Conversations II: I […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 5/20/11

I can’t get a clear answer on what is going to happen after May 21st, Judgment Day. Assuming I am not one of the Saved, do I go down below? Do I cease to exist? Do I wander a post-apocalyptic Earth like Mad Max? All I know is, whether you’re going up, down, or staying […]

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When Should You Promote Older Posts?

Perhaps there are too many exobytes of data now for search engines to categorize. Maybe demonic SEO gurus have finally crowded out reasonable online queries. Or maybe it’s because it’s the end of the world is this Saturday. All I know is I spent several fruitless hours recently researching a simple social-media etiquette question, so […]

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A Stylish Blogger

I’ve avoided having to pick my “Fave Five” friends because I’ve never had a phone from T-Mobile. Here in the United States, the mobile phone carrier advertises a service with free calls to five friends. Who would want to learn they are at best  my sixth favorite person? I face that dilemma now. Through the […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 5/13/11

It’s back. The latest list contains some of the links on creativity and writing The Artist’s Road tweeted this week, but also some only posted on Facebook (that’s right, friends, your blogger isn’t simply using Facebook to duplicate his Twitter feed, so there). Now on to the links. CREATIVITY “Author Shares the Secrets of ‘Creativity,’” […]

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What is a Creative?

My mind has returned to the above question this week after getting feedback on my Monday post, “Creatives in Love.” I had noted that some creatives I know choose fellow creatives as mates. But what does it mean to be a “creative”? And if we all have an inherent creativity within us, isn’t everybody a […]

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