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Guest Post: Inspiration Meditation

Today we’re featuring a guest post from novelist, poet, and screenwriter Orna Ross (no relation, as far as I know). The post below will give you a taste of her most recent publication, Inspiration Meditation: A Guide For Writers Artists & Everyone, available online as an Ebook or MP3 audio. If you’re a writer, artist […]

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Answering the Question “What Do You Do?”

“What do you do?” “I’m a writer.” “What do you write?” That used to be a simple question to answer. My Capitol Hill days? Speeches and constituent correspondence. Journalism? Breaking news and investigative series. Think tank? Research papers. Nonprofit arts advocacy CEO? Testimony, filings, and a blog. I need a short answer now. In the […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 6/3/11

Too busy dodging tornadoes to follow the links on creativity and writing I shared on Twitter and Facebook this week? Here are seven of the best below. CREATIVITY “Developing Your Creative Practice: Tips from Brian Eno,” Scott McDowell, 99%: The importance of knowing your craft and allowing the inspiration to find you in that quiet […]

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