Creativity Tweets of the Week — 7/1/11

While away at my MFA residency I’m highlighting some of the  links I’ve posted in past Friday posts.



  • Getting it Down,” Judy Clement Wall, Fear of Writing: Don’t let the fear that your creative output will be, well, excrement keep you from just doing it.
  • Writer, Interrupted,” Nichole Bernier, Beyond the Margins: A great post on balancing life’s many responsibilities and staying inspired for the 99.999% of writers who actually have other responsibilities as well.
  • Successful Writers Produce,” Scott Eagan, Babbles from Scott Eagan: A literary agent expresses frustration at writers who aren’t pushing themselves to create, in particular multiple projects.
  • 20 Creative Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block,” Web Design Schools: The title says it all.

About Patrick Ross

I'm the author of Committed: A Memoir of the Artist's Road.

2 Responses to “Creativity Tweets of the Week — 7/1/11”

  1. I really liked “Writer, Interrupted.” Very encouraging.
    Thanks for sharing!


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