A Thank-You and an Apology

So where are my Creativity Tweets of the Week, you ask? It’s a Friday tradition, right? Where are more pictures of that rapscallion Mr. Bacon?

So I guess I’m starting with the apology. I am in a deep creative groove at the moment. I’m working feverishly on rewriting a personal essay I thought I had put aside for good. So no compilation of the best links I’ve tweeted this week because I haven’t had time to send that many.

But here’s where the thank-you comes in. They’re for the encouragement and commiseration I received in the comments of my last post, “Do You Suffer from ‘Not-Quite’ Paralysis?” A direct result of those conversations was a desire to dust off this essay and get it into shape. And I also learned how to channel my need for deadlines, which I confessed to in that post. I’ve tracked down a contest with a deadline of Monday.


So that is my apology and my thank-you. We’ll talk further, once I finish riding this creative wave and submit this essay. In a recent Creativity Tweets of the Week round-up, I shared links on the common theme of balancing writing and social media. This post is an example of the balance I’m striking today.

About Patrick Ross

I'm the author of Committed: A Memoir of the Artist's Road.

12 Responses to “A Thank-You and an Apology”

  1. All I have to say is…Well done! Now get back to work. Why are you reading blog comments?🙂

  2. Patrick, this is one of the best things I’ve read all week. As we say in the Land Down Under: goodonya, mate!

    (Actually, we would usually say goodonyaandaveagreatweekend – but you can do that too.)

    This is a pursuit well worth missing your Friday post for. Here’s wishing you godspeed and speedy writing. Or speedy editing? Good luck with that contest and I’ll be here to read the essay when you win.

    P.S. Mr. Bacon: SHUT UP, SIDDOWN and let him write.

  3. Good for you! Sure, I miss your inspirational links, but it is great to know that you are working on something productive instead.

    See you on the other side,


  4. I find that sometimes the blogging and social media pursuit get in the way of other projects that need concentrated offline time to complete. Finding the balance it key, but so hard to do, at least it is for me! Best of luck

  5. Loved the ‘Not-quite’ post that inspired you to dust off your essay, Patrick. Am remiss in telling you that! In my opinion, your own creative journey is as inspiring as your creativity links. Thanks for continuing to share that with us. Good luck with your essay this weekend!

    • I agree with Carolyn. What you share about your creative journey has been inspirational to me. I love that social media and blogs allow us to walk this creative journey in company.

      • Thank you Carolyn and Kate! You know, my MFA advisor the other day said this: “One of the great challenges of writing, as opposed to say, dance or acting or directing, is that you do go it alone.” He was talking about process, and he’s right, but social media allows connection with other writers and a source of mutual support. You two inspire me as well.

  6. I’m glad that our comments helped spur you on, because your post certainly got me motivated. I love it when creativity becomes circular that way!

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