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Creativity Tweets of the Week – 10/28/11

Yes, my weekly collection of great links on creativity and writing is back after a several-week hiatus. I don’t have many links to share when I don’t tweet, and I’ve been negligent with my Twitter feed the last couple of weeks. Mea culpa. I still love you. CREATIVITY “The Seven Deadly Sins that Prevent Creative […]

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Dare to be Boring

Learn who won The Artist’s Road creativity-book drawing at the bottom of this post. “Dare to be boring. Dare to be obvious.” That was writing advice I received Sunday from creativity consultant Kat Koppett. Kat led a workshop on improvisation and storytelling at the Creativity in Business Conference October 23rd in Georgetown, D.C, produced by […]

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Has it Been a Year Already?

ALERT: Win a free book on creativity! Details below. I launched The Artist’s Road a year ago. I didn’t know what my intentions were with it, not on a conscious level. So I welcomed readers with this: You’ve stumbled across a project of self-indulgence. This blog will chronicle my renewed path, an artist’s road toward […]

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Teaching by Personal Example

It takes a brave soul to educate others by revealing your own shortcomings. That is the admirable approach taken by creativity expert Douglas Eby in his new book Developing Multiple Talents, a comprehensive overview of many perspectives on creativity, from scientists to creatives themselves. The book’s title is an area of fascination with me, and […]

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Our Art-Committed Ancestors

A serious artist always ensures her paint and tools are properly cared for. It seems an artist 100,000 years ago took enough care to allow us to study those tools today. This morning I learned of a new report in the journal Science of preserved art supplies found in a South African cave. They date […]

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Guest Post: How I Use My MFA To Cultivate Creativity

Today we’re featuring a guest post from Deborah Connolly, a creativity coach and business entrepreneur. Creativity and academia are a funny couple, and many often question the practical utility of an artistic degree “in the real world”. It’s been over twenty years since I cashed in my teaching scholarship for a Masters in Fine Arts […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 10/7/11

Here’s this week’s short but sweet list of links on creativity and writing I circulated this week on Twitter. And for those readers not already sick of the vagabond Mr. Bacon, he made an appearance in Maine earlier this week at Julia Monroe Martin’s blog. I guess I’m not the only one who’s done a […]

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When Hard Work Pays Off

It’s live! A personal essay I wrote last month that won a contest with Unplug & Reconnect, “Forest Foursome,” has now been published. Regular blog readers will note it is a shortened rewrite of a post from late August on unplugging from the grid. Thoughtful author Jessica McCann directed me to the contest, and my […]

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Making Use of White Space

Do you think of “white space” as a topic important only to visual artists? One lesson I took from an all-day Poynter seminar, “Write Your Heart Out, Washington,” was that white space matters to every writer. White space, quite simply, is the part of the page without text. Writers aren’t taught to view their prose […]

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