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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 11/28/11

Witness the triumphant return of Creativity Tweets of the Week. It’s been a long week; the last such post went up November 4th. But in the meantime I’ve written a guest post on creativity and leadership, “Leading Through Storytelling,” for Deborah Connolly’s Creative Leadership Coaching blog, and a personal essay on returning to a creative […]

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Honoring Your Child AND Your Muse

How do you honor your muse when you put your children first? It’s a question every art-inclined parent surely has weighed. This blog chronicles my return to an art-committed life, but it generally avoids looking back on the choices that kept me off-road. It’s not always easy for me to look back, but it’s part […]

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Leading Through Storytelling

I am at my core a storyteller, whether working as a journalist, a PR professional, or a creative writer. I know that’s true of my readers as well. But we are all storytellers, and telling our own stories well can inspire others. Thanks to the kind invitation of Deborah Connolly of Creative Leadership Coaching, I […]

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5 Steps to Meeting Self-Imposed Deadlines

We love to bitch about deadlines, but there is a certain appeal when they are imposed upon us. We know up front when something is due, and we know what the consequences are for not meeting the deadline. Deadlines help creatives create. But what if there is no external deadline– no gallery publicizing the opening […]

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Letting Go

Goodbye, Mr. Bacon. The sassy strip of undercooked pork made his debut on The Artist’s Road in August, after he hijacked the summer vacation I was trying to enjoy with my family. This blog seemed a reasonable place for him to hang out, given the word “bacon” occurs here with sufficient frequency to justify its […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 11/4/11

The Artist’s Road is back with more links on creativity and writing. Mr. Bacon is also back, petulant at having been left off of the blog for several weeks. He’s lucky I haven’t cooked him. CREATIVITY “Scheduling Spontaneity,” Jonathan Fields: Good advice, but not an original line. Does anyone else remember this line by Daphne […]

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The Universe Provides… Books!

This is a story of a sacrifice being rewarded three-fold. To honor the first anniversary of The Artist’s Road, I decided to emulate other bloggers with a book giveaway. I felt it should be a valuable prize, and that I should have to sacrifice a bit as a show of gratitude to my readers. So […]

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