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Cultivating Creativity in the Sonoran Desert

Today I’m honored to provide a guest post by Melissa Crytzer Fry, whose blog What I Saw never fails to inspire. I was first drawn to her blog by her amazing photographs of the Sonoran Desert; it was there that I grew up, and Melissa’s blog allowed me to return. But what struck me was […]

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Visit These Six Blogs. Now.

I have just concluded teaching a six-week class–“Writing Compelling Blog Posts” at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland–and thoroughly enjoyed learning more about blogging and writing myself, as we spent six Tuesday nights workshopping each other’s potential blog posts. We were a bit large for a workshop–eighteen strong, when everyone could make it–but we found […]

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Guest Post: Honoring Your Muse

Today I’m honored to provide a guest post by Lisa Hayes, a singer/songwriter extraordinaire. I’ll confess to a love of passionate and lively Americana roots music, and I love Lisa’s music. I’d describe Lisa as three parts Susan Tedeschi (before her music became a bit, at times, sappy) and two parts Grace Potter (before she […]

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Does Insecurity Drive Creativity?

I had the pleasure yesterday of seeing a photograph, taken by my daughter, on display at a D.C. art show. Pleasure is an understatement; I was bursting with pride. Both of my children give me reasons to smile. My daughter’s art. My son’s grades. The thoughtfulness and generosity of both. And yet. As I was […]

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When Do I Write?

The conversation continues in the comments field of my last post, “Why do I write? Because…” That post was inspired by the process of writing a guest post for the blog She Started It. I’m flattered that Anjali Enjeti invited me to appear on her great blog. She asked me to answer a seemingly simple […]

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Why Do I Write? Because…

This thought exercise began over the weekend, as I was writing a guest post for another blog answering the question “When do I write?” (It should run next week; I’ll provide a link at that time.) Just a few weeks ago, I wrote another guest post answering the question “Where do I write?” I am […]

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Seven Vows for Sustaining an Art-Committed Life

So you’ve dedicated yourself to living an art-committed life, I can hear you saying. It’s one thing to proclaim that. But how do you maintain it during those moments when real life interferes? I have capitalized on the flexibility of self-employment over the last year to grow this blog; start an MFA program; and begin […]

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Lit Journal Nugget: Ep;phany

Awhile back I had an epiphany; as I studied literary journals I would run reviews on this site. I then had a further epiphany; I would invite readers to submit their own. I’m pleased to feature the first guest post in the Lit Journal Nugget series, a review of Ep;phany by Jennifer (Jenna) McGuiggan, a great […]

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