MFA Nugget: An Entire MFA in Writing Residency in One Post

That headline advertises more than it can likely deliver, but such is the case in the world of blogs. What I can deliver below is a cheat sheet for the 10 blog posts I wrote while here in Montpelier, Vermont, at my third residency in the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing program. I’ve divided them into two categories:



Still hungry for more? You can read the ten posts I wrote at the 2011-2012 winter residency. I have two more residencies left before I graduate, so more to come!

About Patrick Ross

I'm the author of Committed: A Memoir of the Artist's Road.

5 Responses to “MFA Nugget: An Entire MFA in Writing Residency in One Post”

  1. Thanks for doing this, prof! I mean it, way to help out your readers.


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