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Selling Someone Out: The Ethics of Writing about Your SEAL Team Operation to Kill Bin Laden

September 4th isn’t just the day after Labor Day in the U.S., it’s also the new publication date for No Easy Day, an autobiographical account of the killing of Osama bin Laden. Nearly 600,000 copies of this book–allegedly written by an ex-Navy SEAL who participated in the raid of bin Laden’s Pakistan compound a little […]

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Guest Post: Shaping a Heart

Is your creativity guided more when given structure or chaos? An overly simple query, perhaps, but a topic that has generated some compelling discussions here at The Artist’s Road. Today I’m offering a beautiful new contribution to the discussion from guest blogger Callie Feyen. Callie is a blogger, an MFA student, a freelance writer, a […]

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Is Your Creative Muse Getting Regular Exercise?

Not too long ago I shrank in my seat while attending a leadership seminar. Two of the speakers said their secret to a creative and productive day was spending an hour each morning exercising. Working out cleared their heads, they said, and gave them energy to sustain themselves throughout the day, improving their mood while […]

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What Can We Learn from Nonfiction Writers Who Make Things Up?

There has been a tremendous amount of digital ink spilled this week on the fall of writing wunderkind Jonah Lehrer, whose book Imagine: How Creativity Works, it was revealed this week, contains fabricated quotes of Bob Dylan. Lehrer’s publisher has pulled the book. His employer, The New Yorker, has accepted his resignation. And people like […]

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