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Road to Publication: Marketing without Selling

It’s about the author, not the book. That is one promotion strategy for a publisher, particularly in the memoir genre, the category for my forthcoming book Committed. So it is with a combination of admiration and curiosity (as to the possible results) that I find myself a guinea pig for my publisher. Black Rose has, […]

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How Does it Feel to Have Earned an MFA?

“How does it feel to have earned an MFA?” It’s a question I have heard frequently from well-meaning people, and I have had no answer. It has been exactly one month since I received my diploma in front of my wife, daughter and son in the grand chapel of College Hall at the Vermont College […]

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Mapping the Narrative Lines of Your Story

I’ll confess that this post is driven as much by defensiveness as it is a desire to educate. My recent review of the book Creative You and my interview with co-author David B. Goldstein has reminded me of something I’ve long known from interviews with artists; every creative has his or her own process. That […]

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What Leads You to Choose the Next Book You’ll Read?

I’m grateful to The Washington Post for publishing on Saturday my letter to the editor. My beef was with the paper’s nonfiction book reviews. With novels, the reviewers break down both the story and the writing. But far too often, for nonfiction books The Post recruits an expert in the field, who then critiques the […]

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Guest Post: Fear Fuels Fiction

Today I’m honored to have as a guest blogger PJ Reece, author and writing craft guru. I first discovered PJ through his comments here on The Artist’s Road, which stood out even among the thought-provoking and insightful ones this blog somehow attracts. He is the author of the recently published free e-book Story Structure to […]

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Blog

Today I’m giving you a sneak peek at some of the curriculum of “Writing Compelling Blog Posts,” a six-week workshop I’m leading at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland, starting next Tuesday, April 17th. Unlike most classes on blogging, we won’t be discussing SEO optimization or social-media promotion. The course is, instead, a true writing […]

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