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The Artist’s Road Memoir will be Published this Fall

So it’s official. I’ve signed with an enterprising independent publisher and my memoir–four years after I first started working on it–will be published this October. So many readers of The Artist’s Road have traveled with me as I’ve chronicled this pursuit. I’ve shared my highs and my lows, and there were a fair number of […]

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Blog

Today I’m giving you a sneak peek at some of the curriculum of “Writing Compelling Blog Posts,” a six-week workshop I’m leading at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland, starting next Tuesday, April 17th. Unlike most classes on blogging, we won’t be discussing SEO optimization or social-media promotion. The course is, instead, a true writing […]

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Lit Journal Nugget: fugue

Today we’ll take a look at the literary journal fugue, which like e.e. cummings eschews capitalization. I discovered this journal last year via NewPages, and picked up a copy last month at AWP. It is edited by university graduate students, and given its quality, it appears no worse the wear for lack of a permanent […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 01/13/12

Your patience has been rewarded. After a four-week hiatus, the Creativity Tweets of the Week makes its triumphant return. Once again I provide some of the best links on creativity and writing I sent via Twitter this week. Note I still provide a focus on creativity despite changing my Twitter handle yesterday from @on_creativity to […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 8/5/11

They say if you gather enough monkeys to pound on enough typewriters they’ll eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. My friend Melanie is in a creative slump; maybe if she went ape-$#!* crazy on a keyboard for an hour, there would be an inspiring line of poetry produced there that might spark her muse. […]

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Literary Baby Steps

When James Joyce was 40 years old he published Ulysses, and nearly ninety years later on this day, June 16th, millions around the world celebrate Bloomsday. Today, at 43, I finally became a published literary writer at Shaking Like a Mountain with a short creative nonfiction piece titled The Clear Monkey. In my defense: 1) […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 6/10/11

The Artist’s Road values the thousands of inspiring people who sample his links on creativity and writing on Twitter and Facebook. As a sign of his gratitude, he vows to adhere to a higher moral standard than members of the U.S. Congress; he will never tweet or post a picture of his “package.” CREATIVITY “Nature […]

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5 Steps to Subconscious-Driven Creativity

I’ll let you in on a secret — I have a ghostwriter. In fact, for many of these blog posts, all I do is sit at the keyboard, type what the ghostwriter has written, and then slip in a reference to bacon. That ghostwriter is my subconscious. Don’t think of him as unpaid labor; he […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 4/29/11

Who doesn’t love their weekly dose of inspiring links on creativity and writing that The Artist’s Road tweeted during the week @on_creativity? But did you know the tweets offer insights into your blogger’s week? This week your faithful blogger found his schedule get away from him (yes, that passive wording frames your blogger as a […]

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