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Why I Never Call Someone Talented

God-given. Gifted. Blessed. These are adjectives and nouns we use when referring to someone as talented. We are suggesting that talent was a gift the individual received before he or she was even born. So if a creative produces a breathtaking work of art, and she is talented, why would we complement her by suggesting […]

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Five Keys to Living an Art-Committed Life

His story is simultaneously inspiring and horrifying. After ten years in the rat-race of London, James Rhodes returned to his true passion, the piano. He dedicated himself to achieving the mastery he had dreamed of as a youth. And now, after years of dedication and hard work, James is a concert pianist. In his essay […]

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When Did You First Embrace Your Creativity?

There were many commonalities I found among the creatives I interviewed during my 2010 cross-country U.S. trip. One was that my interview subjects all discovered their own creative side at a very early age. Fortunately for them–and for us–they held on to that creativity, and didn’t let the “I can’t” and “I don’t” forces of […]

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Guest Post: Shaping a Heart

Is your creativity guided more when given structure or chaos? An overly simple query, perhaps, but a topic that has generated some compelling discussions here at The Artist’s Road. Today I’m offering a beautiful new contribution to the discussion from guest blogger Callie Feyen. Callie is a blogger, an MFA student, a freelance writer, a […]

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How Do We Cure The Post-Partum Creativity Blues?

I’m feeling quite empty right now and can’t seem to focus on any one piece of writing. That’s what a writer friend of mine wrote to all of us in her local writer’s group in explaining why she needed to skip our monthly meeting this evening. She would face no expectation to write at our […]

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Crustacean Christmas Revisited

Have you ever typed “crustacean Christmas” into Google? It probably says something about the oddity of our family tradition that an Artist’s Road blog post about it is the first entry on that list. Today I’ll provide a sequel post, but first some quick background. It started with a Christmas tree ornament my wife purchased […]

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Honoring Your Child AND Your Muse

How do you honor your muse when you put your children first? It’s a question every art-inclined parent surely has weighed. This blog chronicles my return to an art-committed life, but it generally avoids looking back on the choices that kept me off-road. It’s not always easy for me to look back, but it’s part […]

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