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Here’s to Creatives Who Work a Day Job

Very few creatives completely support themselves financially through their art. It is those who struggle to find the time and creative energy to produce while managing other work responsibilities that I am thinking about today as those of us in the United States celebrate Labor Day. Take the more than forty creatives I interviewed on […]

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The Artist’s Road Memoir will be Published this Fall

So it’s official. I’ve signed with an enterprising independent publisher and my memoir–four years after I first started working on it–will be published this October. So many readers of The Artist’s Road have traveled with me as I’ve chronicled this pursuit. I’ve shared my highs and my lows, and there were a fair number of […]

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Why I Left my Literary Agent

It was the hardest professional decision I ever made. Harder than leaving a stable think-tank job to join a start-up as its CEO. Harder than walking away from that successful start-up four years later to answer the call of an art-committed life. After three years of labor, with the finished memoir in hand, I chose […]

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What is Your Ten-Year Plan?

My read on today’s society is that it is no longer “cool” to set New Year’s resolutions. Not helping the resolutions’ case is that we rarely keep them; there’s a reason gyms require you to buy a year-long membership rather than pay month-to-month. For me, I’ve never felt moved by the random change of an […]

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The Role of the AWP Conference in a Creative Writer’s Evolution

I’ve booked my flight and hotel for this year’s Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) conference in Boston, Massachusetts. I’m in Beantown from Wednesday, March 6th to Saturday the 9th, a very short time to take in all of the workshops, readings, receptions, and of course, the massive trade show floor with just about […]

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Is Kickstarter the Answer for Aspiring Authors?

Few unpublished novelists or memoirists are able to convince a publisher to consider their work until it is complete. But it can be daunting to spend months or years bringing a book to completion with no assurance it will ever be published. Established authors can at times secure advances based on book proposals and a […]

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The Balance Between Authenticity and Creativity

What does it mean to live authentically? To me it means finding comfort with the choices you make in your life. But that isn’t always an easy thing to do. The artists I interviewed on my cross-country road trip ranged dramatically in their level of what we might call “professional” success. Most of them were […]

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Seven Vows for Sustaining an Art-Committed Life

So you’ve dedicated yourself to living an art-committed life, I can hear you saying. It’s one thing to proclaim that. But how do you maintain it during those moments when real life interferes? I have capitalized on the flexibility of self-employment over the last year to grow this blog; start an MFA program; and begin […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week – 01/20/12

I may have announced yesterday that this ol’ freelancer is looking to return to full-time salaried employment, but I’ll still bring you the best links on creativity and writing (and a bonus topic this week, resolutions) on Twitter and here on The Artist’s Road. Heck, removing the time I spend searching for work and handling […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 01/13/12

Your patience has been rewarded. After a four-week hiatus, the Creativity Tweets of the Week makes its triumphant return. Once again I provide some of the best links on creativity and writing I sent via Twitter this week. Note I still provide a focus on creativity despite changing my Twitter handle yesterday from @on_creativity to […]

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