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Creativity Tweets of the Week – 02/24/12

Let me begin by thanking Cheryl Reif for naming The Artist’s Road her Blog of the Week! Cheryl’s been featured here in Creativity Tweets of the week on more than one occasion–including today–so the admiration is mutual. Now on to a select list of links on creativity and writing I tweeted this week. CREATIVITY “Ten […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week – 2/2/12

Your weekly treat has arrived early this week, as I’m reserving Friday for another post. Below find a highlight of links I tweeted on creativity and writing this week. Let me also invite any folks in the DC area who blog or are considering doing so to join me in a six-week workshop on blog […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week – 01/27/12

Today’s creativity links outnumber the writing links two to one. I’m grateful to be named a Top 10 Blog for Writers, but I’m also grateful my readers tolerate my polymath interests. These, of course, are some of the links I tweeted this week, and thus are a reflection of what caught my fancy at a […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week – 01/20/12

I may have announced yesterday that this ol’ freelancer is looking to return to full-time salaried employment, but I’ll still bring you the best links on creativity and writing (and a bonus topic this week, resolutions) on Twitter and here on The Artist’s Road. Heck, removing the time I spend searching for work and handling […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 01/13/12

Your patience has been rewarded. After a four-week hiatus, the Creativity Tweets of the Week makes its triumphant return. Once again I provide some of the best links on creativity and writing I sent via Twitter this week. Note I still provide a focus on creativity despite changing my Twitter handle yesterday from @on_creativity to […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 11/28/11

Witness the triumphant return of Creativity Tweets of the Week. It’s been a long week; the last such post went up November 4th. But in the meantime I’ve written a guest post on creativity and leadership, “Leading Through Storytelling,” for Deborah Connolly’s Creative Leadership Coaching blog, and a personal essay on returning to a creative […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week – 10/28/11

Yes, my weekly collection of great links on creativity and writing is back after a several-week hiatus. I don’t have many links to share when I don’t tweet, and I’ve been negligent with my Twitter feed the last couple of weeks. Mea culpa. I still love you. CREATIVITY “The Seven Deadly Sins that Prevent Creative […]

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Has it Been a Year Already?

ALERT: Win a free book on creativity! Details below. I launched The Artist’s Road a year ago. I didn’t know what my intentions were with it, not on a conscious level. So I welcomed readers with this: You’ve stumbled across a project of self-indulgence. This blog will chronicle my renewed path, an artist’s road toward […]

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Guest Post: How I Use My MFA To Cultivate Creativity

Today we’re featuring a guest post from Deborah Connolly, a creativity coach and business entrepreneur. Creativity and academia are a funny couple, and many often question the practical utility of an artistic degree “in the real world”. It’s been over twenty years since I cashed in my teaching scholarship for a Masters in Fine Arts […]

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Guest Post: Mr. Bacon Goes to the National Book Festival

Many of my readers have been demanding that Mr. Bacon have his own blog. If I were to allow him to do that I’d have few readers left, so instead I’ve allowed Mr. Bacon to write a guest post. Enjoy. I time-traveled yesterday. The Washington, D.C., Metro system transported me to the National Mall and […]

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