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What To Expect from the Artist’s Road in 2014

Perhaps a 2014 resolution for me should be to gain readers in Africa and South America. I say that because among the dozens of responses to my survey requesting feedback on what to write about in 2014 were readers from the other four occupied continents. I also suppose the time of day I make posts […]

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The Next Big Thing: Breaking the Rules

I have a congenital allergy to blog chains. But I’m loading up on as much pseudoephedrine as the pharmacist can legally sell me (no, I don’t run a meth lab) to participate in “Then Next Big Thing: My New Project” chain. I am to discuss my big writing project, then pass the task on to […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week – November 17, 2012

Don’t worry, U.S. readers, you’ll still have time to get the turkey for Thursday even if you take the time to read the posts I’m linking to on creativity and writing in my latest Creativity Tweets of the Week. (For my many readers outside the U.S., do you celebrate holidays that seem to exist for […]

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What are the Top 50 Blogs for Authors?

The Artist’s Road turns two years old next month, and I’ve received some pretty fishy emails during this run, such as people wanting to pay me to run their blog posts. I always decline; my readers aren’t for sale. Yesterday I was told I was named a Top 50 Blog for Authors. I was immediately […]

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Allowing Your Blogging Voice to Evolve

The art and craft of blogging is on my mind as I prepare to teach my next six-week workshop, “Writing Compelling Blog Posts.” I’ll be teaching on Capitol Hill in D.C. this time, starting on Monday, September 24th. If you’re local, I’d love to have you in the class. If not, then I’d welcome your […]

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Visit These Six Blogs. Now.

I have just concluded teaching a six-week class–“Writing Compelling Blog Posts” at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland–and thoroughly enjoyed learning more about blogging and writing myself, as we spent six Tuesday nights workshopping each other’s potential blog posts. We were a bit large for a workshop–eighteen strong, when everyone could make it–but we found […]

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5 Things to Remember While You Blog

So you’ve answered the “5 Questions to Ask Before You Blog” that I posed to you in the last post, and your blog is underway. Congratulations! Remember that your blog is a project of creative writing as much as your novel-in-progress or budding memoir. But there are important differences, and they are worth keeping in […]

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Blog

Today I’m giving you a sneak peek at some of the curriculum of “Writing Compelling Blog Posts,” a six-week workshop I’m leading at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland, starting next Tuesday, April 17th. Unlike most classes on blogging, we won’t be discussing SEO optimization or social-media promotion. The course is, instead, a true writing […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week – 02/17/12

I’ve got blogging on the brain, most likely because I’m conducting two different blogging workshops in the next few weeks leading up to the class I’m conducting in April and May. So this week’s list of links on creativity and writing I tweeted this week includes a blogging category, because I was tweeting those as […]

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When a Blog Post Goes Viral

I received a bit of a jolt yesterday morning when visiting my WordPress dashboard. The vertical blue bars showing daily page views were all but nonexistent. Then I realized it was because the scale had changed. The bar on the far right, showing that day’s views, was climbing right off of my screen. My latest […]

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