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5 Reasons Why I’m Ending The Artist’s Road Blog

I’m asked a lot of questions in the blogging classes I teach for The Loft Literary Center, but one I’m rarely asked is, “How do I know when it’s time to shut down my blog?” It is perhaps the toughest question to answer. It’s also critical. If you just go by software registrations, there are […]

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The Fundamentals of Middle-School Blogging

On what topics would an eighth grader blog? Anything and everything, I’ve learned. During an all-day creative writing workshop I conducted with about forty students at Henrico County Public Schools‘ Elko Middle School, I read student writings on everything from football to indie music, from wrestling to baking. I also read a powerful “open letter” […]

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What Do You Want to See on The Artist’s Road?

Happy holidays, readers! I’m now about two months┬áinto my fourth year with The Artist’s Road–it’s true, I launched in October of 2010–and I must say the third was pretty fun. I was blessed to have two posts featured on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed in 2013, and I brought to a conclusion my MFA Nugget series. Now […]

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A One-Week Social Media Withdrawal

Consider this post a “closed for business” sign for one week. I have before learned the value to my creative process of occasionally going off-grid. A week ago I received my memoir manuscript back from the accomplished memoirist and editor I hired to give it a final read. Her suggested revisions were dead-on, answering the […]

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Building a (Supportive) Community Online

News alert: Online comment fields can get a little scary. There’s nothing new there–I can remember in 1991 getting called a Nazi on a Usenet chat board about the “X-Files” (kids, ask Siri what Usenet is, and “X-Files” while you’re at it) because someone didn’t like my theory of The Smoking Man‘s motivation. But as […]

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On Living an Art-Committed Life with Writer’s Knowledge Base

The theme of The Artist’s Road is “creativity, writing, and an art-committed life.” I provided some thoughts on the rewards and challenges of living an art-committed life, as well as the origins of this blog, in an interview with Elizabeth Spann Craig and Mike Fleming of Writer’s Knowledge Base in the July 2013 issue. Elizabeth┬áis […]

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Becoming a Standout Blogger in Six Weeks

UPDATE JUNE 7, 2013: There are now a few slots available. We’ve decided to break the class into two separate workshops, so if you were unable to enroll before, you may have more success now! You can enroll here. UPDATE JUNE 6, 2013: I just checked the page for my class and saw it is […]

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What I Learned from Being Freshly Pressed

When I tweeted one of my loyal readers yesterday–a memoir guru and creativity instructor–that my post on avoiding “truthiness” when writing about yourself had been featured on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed, she tweeted back that she already knew. She was subscribed to comments on that post, and her inbox was filling up with a tsunami (her […]

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MFA Nugget: A Follow-Up on Teaching

MONTPELIER, VERMONT — Allow me to take a moment to step out of the daily postings for a moment here with what I will generously call a bonus post, one that follows well with this morning’s post on teaching creative writing. As some readers know, I’ve been exploring the possibility of providing the course I […]

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What Would You Like to See on The Artist’s Road?

This is your chance, dear readers, to weigh in on the types of posts you’ll see over the next year on The Artist’s Road. I’ve arranged below a list of categories into which Artist’s Road posts could most comfortably be fit. It’s a bit of a challenge, because while this blog has a theme–living the […]

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