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Is it Wrong to Imagine Success?

Do you dream of seeing your novel or nonfiction book climb the bestseller charts? Could that dream be hindering your ability to focus on your writing RIGHT NOW? That question was triggered by blogger Nina Badzin in her most recent post. A number of us bloggers have spent the last couple of weeks writing about […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 9/2/11

Before I get to this week’s list of links on creativity and writing I shared on Twitter and Facebook this week, let me request some advice on how to keep a tight leash on my new ward, Mr. Bacon. Days after I introduced him to the world he scampers off to the Milliver’s Travels web […]

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When Did You Know You Were an Artist?

I asked this question of just about every creative I interviewed on my cross-country U.S. road trip. Now, in the first film I’ve produced since that road trip ended, I feature highlights from a few of those interviews. Hear from writers, musicians, and visual artists sharing when they first knew that they were on the […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 01/21/11

My goodness. There are 14 Creativity Tweets of the Week listed below, a selection of the resources I sent out this week on Twitter. So that’s where my week went! Well, I need to re-read Linda Formichelli’s post below to learn how to reclaim some of that time. In the meantime, enjoy! CREATIVITY “How to […]

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