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Social Media Dystopia: A Review of Dave Eggers’ The Circle

It’s somewhat odd, sharing my thoughts on a novel via social media when that novel highlights the dark fate that can befall us when we become too enamored with sharing our thoughts online. That’s how I opened my Goodreads review of Dave Eggers’ The Circle. That review was automatically posted to my Facebook and Twitter […]

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MFA Nugget: Are You an ‘Ear’ or an ‘Eye’ Writer?

MONTPELIER, VERMONT — Do you write with your eyes or with your ears? I write with my fingers–it’s a lot easier to type or grip a pen–but sarcasm aside, I learned a good insight on creative writing in my workshop here at my MFA in Writing residency at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. It […]

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Struggling with the Supposed Distinction of Literary vs. Commercial

In three weeks I will drive to Montpelier, Vermont, to begin my final semester in an MFA in Writing program. Over the last few weeks I have devoted every spare minute to polishing the first draft of my work-in-progress–a travel memoir–so that I can hand the manuscript to whichever faculty member I am paired with […]

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Wrestling with Art vs. the Market

We all know William Shakespeare appealed to the common man, with stories that touched on moral truths built upon jokes about sex and farting. He followed a path well paved by giants like Euripides, who in a tragedy about the slaughter and enslavement of a population slips in a fat joke. I can imagine a […]

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What the Heck Should I Call Myself, Anyway?

Today I’m honored to have as a guest blogger Annie Neugebauer, who has authored short stories, novels, and award-winning poetry. She shares with her blog readers wisdom, thoughtfulness, and more than a bit of whimsy. Enjoy! ————————————————————————————————————— Aspiring. Writer. Author. Indie. Poet. Literary. Commercial. Vanity press. Award-winning. If you’re in the book industry, you probably […]

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