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Creative Control in the Age of Kickstarter

How much creative control do we cede when other people’s money is involved? Before I get to Kickstarter, let me throw in a historical anecdote. Galilee Galileo was not only the Father of Modern Science, he also earned a decent income from book sales. He was driven enough by profit maximization to eschew writing his […]

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What the Heck is “Indie” Publishing?

I’ve been involved in varies capacities in the publishing industry for twenty-five years now, as a writer and editor and policy advocate. I never could have imagined the transformations that have occurred in both technology and business models. And yet I repeatedly find myself confused by the use of the term “indie” in the context […]

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AWP Nugget: The Bubbling Debate over Self-Publishing

BOSTON — The fireworks didn’t come during the panel session, which is a good thing, because every square inch of the floor was covered by attendees. Pyrotechnics in rooms violating fire codes never end well. But the figurative fireworks came that night, assisted with alcohol. I refer here to the third rail of our modern […]

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Is Kickstarter the Answer for Aspiring Authors?

Few unpublished novelists or memoirists are able to convince a publisher to consider their work until it is complete. But it can be daunting to spend months or years bringing a book to completion with no assurance it will ever be published. Established authors can at times secure advances based on book proposals and a […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 12/16/11

Running out of holiday gift ideas for loved ones? Why not give them a year’s subscription to The Artist’s Road? It’s chock-full of resources for the creative-minded, and it’s part of a complete breakfast. Oh, and did I mention it’s free? Now on to this week’s links on creativity and writing I sent out this […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 7/22/11

It’s back. As yet more evidence that I’m a bit slow, I’ve returned to my Friday tradition of providing you links to the best resources on creativity and writing I shared through Twitter and Facebook this week, despite the fact that the one time I ran a different post in its place, that post went […]

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