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5 Blog Posts that Keep Readers Coming Back

One common misconception I find many of my Loft blogging students have is that they believe their blog is like a book written in real time, with each chapter building upon the last. I have to point out to them that unlike a memoir, where you read from beginning to end, with each post you […]

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Want to be More Creative? Stop Focusing

UPDATE (August 3, 2012): Jonah Lehrer, author of Imagine: How Creativity Works, has admitted to making up quotes in the book. The book has been pulled by his publisher, and Lehrer has stepped down from his job with The New Yorker. I have posted a blog entry on this development. As The Artist’s Road blog […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 6/3/11

Too busy dodging tornadoes to follow the links on creativity and writing I shared on Twitter and Facebook this week? Here are seven of the best below. CREATIVITY “Developing Your Creative Practice: Tips from Brian Eno,” Scott McDowell, 99%: The importance of knowing your craft and allowing the inspiration to find you in that quiet […]

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5 Steps to Subconscious-Driven Creativity

I’ll let you in on a secret — I have a ghostwriter. In fact, for many of these blog posts, all I do is sit at the keyboard, type what the ghostwriter has written, and then slip in a reference to bacon. That ghostwriter is my subconscious. Don’t think of him as unpaid labor; he […]

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