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Imposing Deadlines on Your Work-In-Progress

One of the challenges of an art-committed life is that to produce quality art, you must meet deadlines. Sometimes those deadlines are self-imposed, with no fatal consequences befalling you if they are not met. I find myself wrestling with that challenge right now, as I look ahead to the finish line with my work-in-progress, a […]

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When the End of the Road is Just the Beginning

I just now, moments ago, finished the first draft of the last chapter of my book-length memoir. I am alone in my basement, full of joy and excitement and wonder, but I am not alone, because I know that the readers of this blog are with me. I still have a ways to go on […]

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On Not Avoiding Your Creative Work in Progress

On her seventh day in the United States last week, a 37-year-old woman realized she was on the wrong subway platform at the Shady Grove Metro Station just north of Washington, D.C., and chose to rectify the situation by climbing down onto the tracks to walk to the other side. This is an ill-advised solution […]

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Are You Avoiding Your Creative Work in Progress?

I’m not alone in this, I keep telling myself. People take breathers from their creative projects all the time, and come back refreshed and recharged. Right? If I avoid exercise for six weeks, my body does not pick up where it left off. Instead it lets me know how unhappy it is with me through […]

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