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Own Your Identity as an Artist

I savor the comments readers leave on this blog. But often they are apologetic in tone, along the lines of “I’m not really a writer,” or “I aspire to be a writer.” In the technical sense of the word “writer,” at least as I see it, these statements are a lie. They “wrote” a comment, […]

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What Would You Like to See on The Artist’s Road?

This is your chance, dear readers, to weigh in on the types of posts you’ll see over the next year on The Artist’s Road. I’ve arranged below a list of categories into which Artist’s Road posts could most comfortably be fit. It’s a bit of a challenge, because while this blog has a theme–living the […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week – 03/16/12

Feel free to jump straight to the eight links on creativity and writing that are among the resources I tweeted this week. Per usual, I’ve included some commentary and photo captions that I assume you won’t read. CREATIVITY “‘Your Playlist Can Change Your Life’: Can Music Boost Your Brain?” Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times: When […]

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Writing Better Fiction by Reading Nonfiction

I’m honored today to be a guest blogger on K.M. Weiland’s Wordplay. K.M.’s blog provides useful tips and resources for fiction writers, and as some readers know I’m currently focusing on creative non-fiction. Thus my guest post titled “What Non-Fiction Authors Can Teach Novelists.” I’d love for you to visit Wordplay, check out my guest […]

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A Sneak Peek at Coming Attractions

I’m off to Montpelier, Vermont, tomorrow morning for my latest MFA in Writing residency, and I want to commit to you, via this post, that I will be posting highlights I pick up from lectures and readings in (semi) real time from the residency. I can’t promise a post a day, but I aim to […]

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Congrats, You’ve Won a Top Blog Award!

The Artist’s Road is nothing without its readers, who spark fascinating conversation in the comments and share posts with their friends. So with The Artist’s Road now an award-winning blog, you are the winners. This morning the authoritative blog Write to Done named The Artist’s Road a Top 10 Blog for Writers for 2011-2012. Chief […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 12/16/11

Running out of holiday gift ideas for loved ones? Why not give them a year’s subscription to The Artist’s Road? It’s chock-full of resources for the creative-minded, and it’s part of a complete breakfast. Oh, and did I mention it’s free? Now on to this week’s links on creativity and writing I sent out this […]

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5 Steps to Meeting Self-Imposed Deadlines

We love to bitch about deadlines, but there is a certain appeal when they are imposed upon us. We know up front when something is due, and we know what the consequences are for not meeting the deadline. Deadlines help creatives create. But what if there is no external deadline– no gallery publicizing the opening […]

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Creativity Tweets of the Week — 11/4/11

The Artist’s Road is back with more links on creativity and writing. Mr. Bacon is also back, petulant at having been left off of the blog for several weeks. He’s lucky I haven’t cooked him. CREATIVITY “Scheduling Spontaneity,” Jonathan Fields: Good advice, but not an original line. Does anyone else remember this line by Daphne […]

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Has it Been a Year Already?

ALERT: Win a free book on creativity! Details below. I launched The Artist’s Road a year ago. I didn’t know what my intentions were with it, not on a conscious level. So I welcomed readers with this: You’ve stumbled across a project of self-indulgence. This blog will chronicle my renewed path, an artist’s road toward […]

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