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Are You Talking to Me? Use of the Second Person

Perhaps it’s because I don’t like being told what to do. Maybe it’s because I don’t like to reflect on some of the things I’ve done. But as a reader I generally do not care for the use of the second person. I’ve been forced to rethink my position after reading Sue William Silverman’s masterful […]

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Envy, Narcissism, Depression and Creativity

Two weeks ago Facebook celebrated 10 years of making us depressed and envious by creating for each user a personalized video not unlike what you see in an Oscars “in memoriam” telecast. It was a wise move by Facebook’s corporate brass to create a video starring ourselves, because academic studies show Facebook encourages narcissism;¬†feeding the […]

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5 Keys to Success for Aspiring Writers (Not) to Follow

Today’s post is inspired by an award-winning fantasy and science fiction author I interviewed during my cross-country road trip, Michael Swanwick. For a time in the early 2000’s he played a character online by the name of “Unca Mike,” who took a different approach to writing advice: Most writing columns offer sound and useful advice […]

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MFA Nugget: Inspiring Your Writing with Contemplative Practice

MONTPELIER, VERMONT — As a creative writer, you know the importance of routine. Writing at a certain time of day, with a particular pen or inspiring sweater, anything that helps you find that quiet place where it’s just you and the words. But how often does life really let you find that place? That’s the […]

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What Would You Like to See on The Artist’s Road?

This is your chance, dear readers, to weigh in on the types of posts you’ll see over the next year on The Artist’s Road. I’ve arranged below a list of categories into which Artist’s Road posts could most comfortably be fit. It’s a bit of a challenge, because while this blog has a theme–living the […]

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3 Steps For Creative Writers to Tell it Slant

Who’s up for a little creative insight from Emily Dickinson? Tell all the Truth but tell it slant Success in Circuit lies too bright for our infirm Delight The Truth’s superb surprise As Lightning to the Children eased With explanation kind The Truth must dazzle gradually Or every man be blind When I started my […]

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The Next Big Thing: Breaking the Rules

I have a congenital allergy to blog chains. But I’m loading up on as much pseudoephedrine as the pharmacist can legally sell me (no, I don’t run a meth lab) to participate in “Then Next Big Thing: My New Project” chain. I am to discuss my big writing project, then pass the task on to […]

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MFA Nugget: Are You Sharing an Anecdote or Writing an Artful Story?

You crack people up at dinner parties. It seems there’s no end to your ability to draw a smile with a quick take on a past event. With so much material, writing it should be a cinch. Right? That is what Sarah Braud once thought. Sarah graduates today from the Vermont College of Fine Arts […]

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Does Insecurity Drive Creativity?

I had the pleasure yesterday of seeing a photograph, taken by my daughter, on display at a D.C. art show. Pleasure is an understatement; I was bursting with pride. Both of my children give me reasons to smile. My daughter’s art. My son’s grades. The thoughtfulness and generosity of both. And yet. As I was […]

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Why Do I Write? Because…

This thought exercise began over the weekend, as I was writing a guest post for another blog answering the question “When do I write?” (It should run next week; I’ll provide a link at that time.) Just a few weeks ago, I wrote another guest post answering the question “Where do I write?” I am […]

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